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CEBIT - Center of SmartBuilding/ ICP

At our company, Global Fairs/TT-MesseSmartHome and SmartBuilding have been on ‘our radar’ for many years. Seven years ago, we had already started to organize special SmartBuilding platforms at suitable industry leading trade fairs (ISE Amsterdam, CEBIT, IFA, Light + Building etc.). Through our established industrial network of contacts and through close cooperation with SmartHome Initiative Deutschland e.V., we were able to design, organise and coordinate a really successful and highly frequented workshop at CEBIT 2018 in the Center of SmartBuilding, Hall 13, led by Günther Ohland, the first Chairman of the SmartHome Initiative Deutschland e.V.

Cooperation Global Fairs - Smart Home Association Germany

The market trend / Smart Building at CEBIT

The established and integrated B2B marketplace ICP@CEBIT has been organized by Global Fairs for more than 20 years with a focus on Telecom & Mobile Distribution. Over the past years, the topic has expanded to include more product areas – and developed at the same time an closer approach to the SmartHome Product range.
These communications and networking topics address the smart office. What else can you expect in our ICP@CEBIT platform? We’re already seeing robots, eSports kit, software applications, IoT, digital signage and displays, VR and AR, blockchain-based solutions for professional applications as well as for retail, and all sorts of mobile and desktop accessories.
eMobility is another example - from electro cars and e-bikes to scooters and hoverboards and drones, this opens up a new market in personal transportation. The associated energy storage and charging systems are also attracting attention from IT&C channels.

Deutsche Messe AG will hold the annual CEBIT in Hannover from 24 to 28 June 2019. Europe’s largest Information Technology & Communications (IT&C) fair will adopt the theme: Your Business of Tomorrow - the future starts now!

Three announcements, based on exhibitor feedback, for 2019:
1. CEBIT 2019 will have 5 full trade fair days (Monday to Friday).
2. The fair opening times will be 9am to 6pm.
3. CEBIT 2019 will be at the end of June to avoid overlaps with Asian events and even the fasting month Ramadan.

Other news for our exhibitors in 2019:
Our Hall 13 now includes - in addition to being the official 'Channel & Distribution area' (expanding also into Hall 12), the content topic 'Workplace Ecosystem.' This includes the following areas: Communication, Conferencing & Meeting, Devices & Screens, ECM, Office Concepts, Scanning & Printing, Unified, Communication & Collaboration, Unified Endpoint Management.

Since these topics also attract and suit the target groups of our audience in both IT and our 'Center of Smart Building at CEBIT,' it gives even more reason to participate in our CEBIT projects.

Provisional site plan CEBIT 2019

Floorplan CEBIT 2019 

Calculations for all size booths


Our opinion on the upcoming CEBIT:
With more than 120,000 trade visitors (2018), CEBIT is still the largest IT&C trade fair in Europe. Due to the demands of digital transformation now shaping the European B2B markets, CEBIT is jumping from a mere computer and telecommunications exhibition to an even more important event that shows our customers how to transform their business by properly using the latest technologies. Presenting the next generation of tools & trends for wave of the digital transformation - and identifying and facilitating the new technology-led market opportunities for the individual companies - now serve as the important core tasks of CEBIT.
As the IT&C industry, we’re all moving away from pure product sales and increasingly turning into a business solution showcase for the future of IT-based, AI-driven smart technologies. With dramatic changes in the economy due to rapid digital transformation, the pressure on the IT&C industry - on vendors, system integrators, distributors and trade - has grown steadily. We must now be developers (and sellers) of new business strategies that leverage the application of the latest technologies - guiding commercial and corporate customers into their more successful business future. CEBIT will play an important role in the IT&C industry transformation that must accompany the digital transformation of all our main vertical markets as well as general business.


Facts & Figures: That was the CEBIT 2018

Short-Video Workshops SmartHome CEBIT 2018


All further information and links CEBIT 2018

Self-presentation CEBIT 2019: That's why you have to be there!
At the CEBIT 2019, we will create the most attractive SmartBuilding area in addition to the highly attractive SmartBuilding workshops that reflect the current trends in the SmartBuilding industry.
With 30 of the best-priced and best-business exhibitors places at our Center of SmartBuilding platform, you’ll be at the most important entrance to the CEBIT - that’s Hall 13 next to the entrance where the train drops off visitors to CeBIT.
Many letters of interest from our discussions with industry are already available - so you can see how the industry is gravitating to our success. They believe, as we do, the market needs our Center of SmartBuilding to bring the IT&C channels properly into smart office and SmartBuilding industries.
Our starting point:
During our numerous discussions with numerous exhibitors this year at the lSE Amsterdam, the light + building Frankfurt - and even the Security Essen, we were able to share with you the following industry assessments:

The SmartBuilding market is turning towards IT: all smart solutions are software-driven and IP-based.  The European SmartBuilding market (including other thematic areas such as Smart Office, SmartHome, 'Smart Airport' or Smart City) cannot really develop without the integration of the IT industry. CEBIT is undoubtedly Europe’s most important and largest IT event. 

- Artificial intelligence has now escaped the casing of a computer and is now housed everywhere inside and outside of buildings (and mobile) in sensors and small 'control boxes' - and interconnects nearly everything.  A traditional installing electrician usually doesn’t even comprehend what he installs.

- The European SmartBuilding market cannot really develop without the integration of the IT industry. 

- Europe has under-valued the importance of software for too long now.

- Amazon Alexa has influenced the EU SmartHome market more in one year than all European companies in 10 years.

- The digital transformation is going to change our society more over the next 10 years than 30 years of computerization.  

- The EU political world has now recognised the significance of digitalisation and given it high priority on the economic policy agenda .

- In this context CEBIT acquires the role of "Leading exhibition in the digital transformation" - in other words, THE European market place and networking opportunity for the digitalisation of society: how is the digital transformation being implemented into specific economic models?

- Thus, due to the rapidly growing significance of the digitalisation of our society, CEBIT will become the most important market place in Europe with regard to this topic.

- In order to ensure straightaway a market place for SmartBuilding at CEBIT, a contractual partner of CEBIT for many years, and as organiser of the Center of SmartBuilding, we have developed the following measures: 

A 'SmartBuilding market place’ with some 20-30 professional SB exhibitors - in addition to the enhanced workshop (positioned right near our platforms in the entry area of hall 13) - entices visitors from the very beginning and, through many dialogues with customers and - in particular - many new product-related and solution-orientated contacts, will ensure that having a stand leads to a positive return on investment.
Active participation in the successful workshop events is available free of charge for co-exhibitors only. In 2019 the SmartBuilding workshop will be held on all 5 trade fair days; with slots in German in the morning (organised and moderated by the SmartHome Initiative Deutschland e.v.);  and slots in English in the afternoon, organised and moderated by Bob Snyder (also known as a long-term organiser and moderator of the SmartBuilding conferences at  ISE Amsterdam, which will only be held two more times in Amsterdam before moving to Barcelona - another reason to 'build up' CEBIT for this thematic area...).   

We will invest a great deal of energy in advertising to professional visitors in particular. The main focus will be on architects and building planners as well as IT engineering firms which, in coordination with building owners or operators (and manufacturers / system integrators), develop the concepts for SmartBuilding and Building Automation. In collaboration with the SmartHome Initiative Deutschland e.V. we will invite the relevant organisations to cooperate and encourage them to invite their members to our event. In this context, special emphasis is paid to building and housing companies, organised in some 60 associations, as well as their tens of thousands of members (real estate owners have realised that, in the coming decade, nothing will have a stronger influence on a property’s value than how advanced it is in terms of SmartBuilding....).
Many building-relevant associations have already confirmed they will inform their members - who have a natural interest in the topic - about our Center of SmartBuilding at CEBIT as well as invite them to the event.

Prior to CEBIT, we will publicize the Center of SmartBuilding and the exhibitors more than 300,000 times in all relevant retail channels throughout Europe (B2B channels) - including free-of-charge logo presentation and advertisements. This is the greatest channel campaign prior to CEBIT and all our exhibitors participate at no extra charge. Furthermore, via advertisements and editorials in trade magazines, we will address the building target groups (building planners, architects, real estate sector, system integrators etc.).  This brings a huge extra benefit to all our exhibitors.

The Center of SmartBuilding and our neighbouring B2B market place ICP@CEBIT (IT, telecom, mobile, accessories…) occupies the most accessible, easy-to-find place on the entire CEBIT premises. It’s directly at the entrance to Hall 13 (opposite the big brand Huawei) - the west side entrance used by more than 60% of the trade visitors because of the official fairgrounds train station (Messebahnhof) and the conveniently large West car park. Moreover Hall 13 is the most attractive hall for SmartBuilding, as IoT, M2M, Unified Communications and IT Security represent the thematic focal points of this hall. 

Our well-tested and optimised full-service-concept makes it possible - with a reduced organisational and financial commitment on your side - to take a stand of 6m² - 40m² (including exhibition assembly that allows for customization), with full-catering for your trade visitors (as well as our large-scale European advertising campaigns described earlier). Many important brands have joined our pavilions because of “community” as well as the reduced cost.    
The official promoter and co-organiser of the SmartHome pavilion is our partner, the association SmartHome Initiative Deutschland e.V.  
Large as well as small stands will be uniquely presented on our platforms and benefit from a location with a high frequency of visitors in a product-related environment. Especially in situations where critical decisions need to be made this is a good, low-cost alternative (where important brands feel comfortable taking smaller stands because it’s part of a bigger community and even enhances their image as opposed to a small stand on their own in a hall). Our CEBIT platforms typically draw 50% German and 50% international specialised visitors - a success in domestic as well as international markets.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Accessibility/Flow of Customers with the BEST location at CEBIT! (Hall 13)  
  • High-profile trade visitor potential in the Planet Reseller surroundings - one of the most successful and largest B2B platforms of the IT&C sector in Europe  
  • Free logo placement of YOUR company or your brand(s) through the very high circulation of our channel leaflet in both print and online (nationally and across Europe); with distribution across many specialist media  
  • NEW: extremely affordable 4-colour advertisements in many formats and price categories in the most widely-circulated channel campaign for CEBIT (incl. product photos, images, short texts, ‚The Center of SmartBuilding‘, etc.)  
  • Free self-presentation including your stand location, logo, text and contact information in a printed booklet distributed at the trade fair in a practical, pocket-size format (includes helpful stand/hall plans etc.) that visitors can easily carry and take away  
  • Cost efficiency: less show expenditures (also less costs for organisation) for sales contact with many trade visitors (telecom / mobile / accessories / SmartBuilding / LED, etc.) With us, there’s no more “trade fair risk.”
  • Within the scope of our B2B concept there is also space for well-known brands at small stands; important brands can feel comfortable taking smaller stands because it’s part of a bigger community and even enhances their image as opposed to a small stand on their own in a hall  

What we provide you with:
Before the trade fair:

  • You SAVE TIME AND MONEY as we take over the organisational work. Our A-Z service includes stand construction (with opportunities to customise), national and international promotion on channels with high circulation (with your logo - and advert is also possible) for your presence at the world's largest IC&T show  
  • High-quality stand construction and banners featuring logos. Save yourself from all those extra fair costs including electricity/lighting, stand furniture, carpet etc.  We offer a full-service.

During the trade fair:

  • Free WIFI access  
  • Free stand cleaning and monitoring (security)  
  • Full catering for exhibitors and guests throughout the entire trade fair – including the use of our business lounges with buffet and hostess service. All at no extra cost. Please do not underestimate how important it is to offer hospitality when doing business with Europeans. 
  • Booklet / trade fair catalogue distribution during the trade fair to all exhibitors


  • Logo placement and company description in CEBIT booklet 2018
  • Logo placement and complimentary small advertisement (e.g. product photo or short text). Optional: additional cost-effective advertisement in the largest channel campaign for CeBIT (circulation over 300,000 in print and online)  
  • Free participation in our many other international B2B online channel campaigns

Please have a look on the following overview of our promotion for our latest exhibition, IFA. We will conduct similar marketing activities for our pavilions and its co-exhibitors at CEBIT 2019:
Marketing & promotion, public relations IFA 2017

You can find all additional information on our website:

What are the costs?

Use the following link to see calculations for various stand sizes:

Calculations for all size booths

Floorplan CEBIT 2019 

Registration form Center of SmartBuilding

Registration form ICP@CEBIT 2019

Service Catalogue Part 1 - Fair construction

ATTENTION international OEM and new brand industries: Please find in the following link the conditions for exhibiting at CEBIT (here: hall 13, The Center of SmartBuilding or ICP@CEBIT).

Conditions for exhibiting at CEBIT

Please give us a call if you have any further questions or preferences for your stand. We looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Many thanks!


Jan Nintemann             +49 541 971 26-10;

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Our cooperation partners for the CEBIT:

Our media partners for the CEBIT:

ISP @ IFA Global Markets

IFA Global Markets - Europe's biggest sourcing market

 Venue: STATION-BERLIN - Dates: September 8 - 11, 2019


ISP@IFA GLOBAL MARKETS is a selected, high quality, international B2B-MARKETPLACE especially for yet-to-be-discovered brands and established OEM/ODM & component manufacturers within IFA GLOBAL MARKETS, located in the external IFA exhibition premises of STATION-Berlin – approx. 8 km, or a 30 min drive, from the IFA Brand Halls. 

ISP@IFA GM and its exhibitors, along with their highlight products, are actively promoted by various channel media partners in the run up to IFA across the whole of Europe by means of advertising & PR. This ensures that the number of target group purchasers visiting the market place is exceptionally good. The trade visitors invited to ISP@IFA GLOBAL MARKETS are European importers, retail brands, buyers, retailers, marketers and other trade visitors from the CE/HA sector. All of these visitors have a particular and specific interest in new products for the coming sales period.

IFA Global Markets in STATION-Berlin is a pure B2B environment – organised especially for Europe's OEM and 'yet-to-be-discovered brands' market players, who can now come to Berlin and, concurrent to last 4 IFA-days, incredibly conveniently visit this immense bazaar featuring 10,000 products - instead of having to travel to distant countries.  IFA GLOBAL MARKETS has been designed by the same organiser and team which made IFA the world's leading CE trade show.


Why IFA GLOBAL MARKETS? What is ISP@IFA GLOBAL MARKETS – in relation to RESELLER PARK‘? Please read Jan Nintemann's letter to the international 'OEM Sourcing & New Brand' industries.

Letter to the international

OEM Sourcing & New Brand‘ industry


An all-day, regular and official shuttle service operates between the 'Brand Halls' of the IFA exhibition premises and STATION Berlin (not large buses - smaller vehicles which are easier to drive through the busy streets of Berlin), ensuring that there is a permanent flow of different trade visitors to the site.

The trade visitor ticket gives trade visitors (buyers) admission to IFA as well as IFA Global Markets - so no additional registration is required. The trade fair app for the IFA is also combined with IFA Global Markets, and both are included in the official IFA catalogue.

The IFA will include IFA Global Markets in the trade visitor guided tours.

Special event: IFA Global Markets Experts Talks with experienced European buyers who will share their knowledge (x2 daily podium discussions and symposia, organised by IFA). 

European buyers who regularly work with private label manufacturers and OEM/ODM suppliers report on their strategies concerning product purchasing (abroad), their evaluation processes for suppliers, their current procurement interests, and they will also share their tips. The podium discussions will focus on various channel segments, geographical regions of Europe and product categories.

Our pavilion is the easiest way to take part in IFA Global Markets. We support you with comprehensive organisation, the many forms required by the German trade show organiser, setting up and equipping your stand, food and drink and the provision of lounge areas.

Equally as important: over the last two decades we have gained special recognition for our ability to create genuine B2B platforms. On behalf of our exhibitors we always organise the largest national and international exclusively trade fair promotion with the highest circulation (see our link below) to guarantee good business results for our exhibitors.




ISP@IFA Global Markets

Testimonials IFA 2017

Press releases for IFA 2017 one else provides a sales and marketing plan which is tailored towards ensuring that international OEM/ODM, components and yet-to-be-discovered brands manufacturers have a successful experience in Berlin.

As an official contractual partner of Messe Berlin GmbH, we have been organising pavilions for 20 years and personally know many buyers in Europe. They visit our pavilions in order to meet our exhibitors, and to enjoy our hospitality area.

Furthermore, we have the official support of national and international trade associations as well as support from the six leading ICT/CE trade magazines (print + online) in Germany and Europe. In order to promote our exhibitor customers, we publish a trade publication with the highest circulation in Germany; the IFA-Special SuperReseller. This brochure, specially published for IFA, is also available in an online version and in English, with a high channel circulation of 73,000 b2b addresses, meaning that we make contact with the target group purchasers across Europe.

We take care of the entire organisation and focus on all the details - from A-Z (advertising, stand construction, catering, promotion, etc.) so that our exhibitors benefit from all the advantages normally only enjoyed by the largest exhibitors at IFA. As a co-exhibitor with us, you have access to the additional sales promotion via our databases, a networking/lounge area with food & drink is available where you will have the necessary time and peace to conclude business.

Space at the ISP@IFA Global Markets pavilion is limited - please book as soon as possible to ensure you are able to reserve your first choice of stand size and position.


Registration and Plans

Floor plan Hall 7.2 ISP@IFA Global Markets 2019

Registration form ISP@IFA Global Markets 2019

Floor plan Hall 8 ISP@IFA GLOBAL MARKETS 2018

Registration form ISP@IFA GLOBAL MARKETS 2018

Area- & Hall-Plan ISP@IFA GLOBAL MARKETS 2018

IFA Global Markets Shuttle Plan

Service catalogue 2018 part 1 - Fair construction HALL 8

Service catalogue 2019 - part 2 - general information

Furniture list ISP@IFA GLOBAL MARKETS 2017


Press, Information & Promotion:

all IFA Projects 2017

After Report IFA 2017

Interview IFA International

SuperReseller IFA 2017

Booklet 2017

Ad IFA International and IFA Heute



All exhibitors ISP@IFA Global Markets

New Tech Brands Zone @ IFA Global Markets

New Tech Brand Zone -  
Where brands go deep into the European market

IFA Global Markets - Europe's biggest sourcing market

Venue: STATION-BERLIN - Dates: September 2 - 5, 2018

A collaboration between




NEW TECH BRANDS ZONE is the new marketplace where high-calibre Chinese manufacturers together with their brands and many other exciting and cool products meet European buyers, importers, retailers and brand marketers as well as other trade visitors from the CE / HA industry at IFA GLOBAL MARKETS in Berlin.

For trade visitors only, NEW TECH BRANDS ZONE runs concurrently with IFA within the scope of IFA Global Markets at STATION-Berlin. With no public visitors and a b2b environment created by the same IFA organizer and team who established the official Reseller Park over the past two decades and played a part in making IFA the leading global exhibition, NEW TECH BRANDS ZONE will provide retail buyers with direct importing arrangements, brand specialists, distributors and other trade visitors a central marketplace to source in particular Chinese brand products, software, services and more for re-sale in Europe and other markets (EMEA).

NEW TECH BRANDS ZONE is held at Station-Berlin, an impressive venue only 8 km or approx. 30 minutes from the IFA fair grounds. There will be an official and free shuttle service providing uncomplicated and ongoing connections between the fairgrounds (not large buses - smaller vehicles which are easier to drive through the busy streets of Berlin).

The trade visitor ticket gives buyers admission to IFA as well as IFA Global Markets - so no additional registration is required. The trade fair app for the IFA is also combined with IFA Global Markets, and both are included in the official IFA catalogue.

IFA will include IFA Global Markets and therefore the NEW TECH BRANDS ZONE in Hall S8 in its Guided Visitor Tours.

NEW TECH BRANDS ZONE is a brand new b2b theme zone at IFA 2018. The collaboration between New Times Overseas and Global Fairs TT-Messe creates a dedicated, specialist marketplace for selected, new Chinese/Asian brands. Exhibitors in this area are selected Chinese manufacturers who present the latest trend technology in high quality and with their own brands. They also offer interesting, cool products in consumer electronics for the current as well as the upcoming sales season.

New Times Overseas has 17 years of experience in the international trade show industry, accompanying over 3000 Chinese companies to exhibit overseas.

Jan Nintemann, owner of the trade fair project agency Global Fairs TT-Messe, has been active for more than 25 years in the fields of telecommunications, mobile, information technologies, consumer electronics (CE) and, most recently, IoT topics Smart Home, Smart Building as well as eMobility. He is the co-founder of Nintemann Telecom, today NTPlus, the telecommunication brand of the ALSO group.

Please read Michael Fan’s (General Manager of New Times Overseas) letter to the managers of the ‘New Tech Brands’ industry:


Michael Fan’s letter to the ‘New Tech Brands’ industry


In collaboration with IFA, these two professional exhibition agencies from China and Germany ensure that all exhibitors in the shared pavilion will get access to European product-related potential customer target groups prior to the show with the objective of inviting at least 3-4 key partners and arranging appointments for each exhibitor in the NEW TECH BRANDS ZONE prior to IFA. In addition, all exhibitors and their top products will be advertised in the SuperReseller brochure - the IFA special channel magazine with the largest circulation in Europe. The organisers also provide their exhibitors in this zone with online and offline promotion on the website as well as editorial and logo presentation in trade magazines. A press event organised especially for the NEW TECH BRANDS ZONE gives every exhibitor the unique opportunity to talk face to face with pre-registration press and journalists. Great food and drink will be provided for all (included in the package price). To facilitate your entry into the European market and to achieve your company's sales targets in Europe, you can now rely upon two important partners: Global Fairs TT-Messe and New Times Overseas in the NEW TECH & BRAND ZONE.In our NEW TECH BRAND ZONE at IFA 2018 in Berlin, we now offer our complete range of services. This range, which includes stand construction, catering, promotion via a number of media partnerships, insight information, lectures and EXPERT TALKS with important European buyers, etc. now has a very good reputation and has been developed in a period of over 20 years.We support the exhibitors in terms of extensive trade fair organisation, numerous forms required by the German organiser and the building and furnishing of your stand. We also provide the exhibitors and their trade visitors with food & drink as well as (free) lounge facilities for networking.Equally important: we have earned special recognition for our ability to create a true b2b platform as well as our stand building and organization skills. On behalf of our exhibitors, we create the largest national and international trade-only promotions (please see our websites), to ensure good business results for exhibitors and trade visitors alike.WHAT WE WILL DO1.    Exhibitors in the NEW TECH BRANDS ZONE can submit a wish list naming 3 -5 customers and Global Fairs TT-Messe will support the exhibitors inviting them.2.    Global Fairs TT-Messe will, by EDM as well as personal emails, invite some 5,000 professional European importers, retailers, distributors and brand specialists for consumer electronics, home appliances, telecommunication, computer and Apple-related products as well as eMobility and other sectors (mobile, drones, VR, 3DP, gaming etc) in order to encourage these special importers and brand service providers to visit our area.3.    There are two official trade fair newspapers with wide business coverage. We will convincingly advertise our area through these two channels.4.    SuperReseller, Global Fairs TT- Messe's own leaflet, which will be distributed approximately 3 weeks before and during IFA via 7 media partners in 16 campaigns in print and online to the German and European ICT and CE channels, includes advertisements of the NEW TECH BRANDS ZONE exhibitors. 5.    A trade fair booklet, a commercial trade fair catalogue with detailed information about all exhibitors and products as well as logos, addresses and contact details of all exhibitors, will be circulated by Global Fairs TT-Messe at IFA Reseller Park and the SmartHome-Pavilon as well as at IFA Global Markets (STATION-Berlin).6.    Three hours press event on opening day: Global Fairs TT-Messe will organize a press event on the opening day of IFA Global Markets to introduce exhibitors booked in this area.7.    Social media exposure - Global Fairs TT-Messe will engage a journalist full time to promote products in this area on European social media.8.    Data sharing - Global Fairs TT-Messe will support exhibitors to collect visitors’ name cards and will share a part of this information as well as all trade visitor addresses (without email addresses and phone numbers, however) with exhibitors in the NEW TECH BRANDS ZONE after the show. No one else offers Chinese exhibitors as well as European importers, brand specialists and distributors such an extensive sales and marketing plan tailored to make your IFA and Berlin visit a business success.As an official contractual partner of Messe Berlin GmbH, we have been organising pavilions for more than 20 years and personally know many import buyers in Europe. They visit our pavilion in order to meet our exhibitors, and to enjoy our hospitality area. Furthermore, we have the official support of national and international trade associations as well as support from a number of leading ICT/CE/HA trade magazines (B2B - print + online) in Germany and Europe.  To promote our exhibitor clients, we publish the channel publication with the largest circulation in Germany, SuperReseller – which is published online across Europe – and which reaches a total of about 400,000 business contacts in Europe!We take care of the entire trade fair organisation and focus on all the details - from A-Z (advertising, stand construction, catering, promotion, etc.) so that our exhibitors benefit from all the advantages normally only enjoyed by the largest exhibitors at IFA. As an exhibitor with us, you have access to the additional sales promotion via our databases, food & drink as well as a spacious lounge area available where you will have the necessary time and peace to conclude business.By being a full services partner we significantly reduce the risks of exhibiting at a foreign trade show.The number of stands in the NEW TECH BRANDS ZONE is very limited - please book as soon as possible to ensure you are able to reserve your first choice of stand size and position! 


Registration and Plans

Floor plan New Tech Brands Zone 2019

Registration form New Tech Brands Zone 2019

Floor plan New Tech Brands Zone 2018

Registration form New Tech Brands Zone 2018

Area Hall Plan New Tech Brands Zone 2018

Service catalogue 2018 - part 1 fair construction HALL 8

Service catalogue 2019 - part 2 - general information

RAI Amsterdam: ISE - IP Security Pavilion

The ISE audience includes professionals who buy audio/video, provide systems integration and specify the use of IP cameras such for security, education, telepresence and unified communications. The increasing integration of these cameras and related security systems into IT networks, gives the industry a great
opportunity to expand its horizons and target new customers, new applications and new business models.

Flyer - Exhibitor directory - IP Security Pavilion - ISE 2014

Newsletter about IP Security Pavilion - ISE 2014

All about IP Security Pavilion 2014


Registration and plans

Area plan IP security pavilion 2014

Service catalogue 2014

Hall plan ISE 2014

Furniture list


Further details

Invitation for ISE 2014 - free admission

Register now for free!

Important informations and benefits

Facts & figures ISE 2014

Exhibitor Brochure ISE 2015

Exhibitor List ISE 2014




Flyer / exhibitor directory ISE 2013

Broadcast June 2012

Flyer ISE 2012

IP Security Pavilion advert in the ISE Daily from February 2nd, 2012

ISE visitor newsletter no. 15 - 'Easy surveillance for everyone'
(story code dg76)

ISE visitor newsletter no. 13 - SAFEVISION shows range of security products
(story code dg37)

ISE visitor newsletter no. 12 - visiTor from VISIOMATIC (story code dg11)

ISE visitor newsletter no. 11 - New SIEDLE Access system (story code df75)

ISE visitor newsletter no. 6 - IP Security Pavilion (story code dd98)

IP Security Pavilion advert in the RISE+ for ISE 2012

Messe Frankfurt Musikmesse African Music Trade Fair

For the first time at the biggest music trade fair in the world from March 24 – 27, 2010: African Music Trade Fair (AMTF) at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt - staged for the first time for the football world cup 2010 in South Africa 

„Something is happening“on the African musical instrument market. A new and interesting field of business is developing for manufacturers, traders and businesses. The possibilities are enormous and the market has great potential internationally. The Musikmesse Frankfurt is producing a current new highlight together with the African Music Trade Fair. A new exhibition project started at Musikmesse 2009 from April 1 – 4, 2009 with an information and communications exchange in Hall 4.2. / Stand 42J46 – please see the our press article in the following:


Press article

Never before since Paul Simon’s „Graceland“, and the successes of Miriam Makeba, Fela Kuti and Khaled, as well as the project from  Peter Gabriel with  Youssou N´Dour and Papa Wemba has African music been THE trend in global music entertainment.  Currently cooperation between bands such as Kimono No1 with Bork and Kazak All-stars with their spectacular sounds has become a talking point internationally. New sensational styles from African instruments using a laptop and turntable are all the rage: Monotonic und Afrotronic.  Traditional African instruments have all ready made their mark on Jazz, world music and other forms of crossovers.  This electric energy, which will lead Kora, Kalimba, Balafon and Talking Drum to new forms of usage in the music industry.


Manufacturers, exporters, traders, service and companies and musicians from Africa and the African communities are presenting stands, exhibitions, workshops, live concerts and business meetings featuring the complete range of African music instruments.


African Music Trade Fair takes place in the area of Musikmesse Frankfurt. This is the first time you will see such a Market in this form where all the experts and professionals from all areas are invited: trade, studios, event organisers, media, composers, musicians, producers, advertising, and learning. Get on Board!


„The African Music Trade Fair is the most important event during the last decades to bring the unbelievably rich spectrum of African music instruments, Africa’s creative music potential and the global entertainment industry into one spot  – an absolute unique business opportunity!“ Rido Bayonne,Kameroun/Paris

„We have been waiting for something like that for years.....“. Alexi Azulinho, Paris/Kinshasa

„Hey, hey, hey! Africa is coming – coming strong!“ Niasony, Düsseldorf/London/Brazzaville

The 21st century is the age of world music, world rhythm, world beat – Africa is the locomotion! We’ll show you in the Africa Music Trade Fair Shows. It’ll grow, believe me. Be sure you are there at the very start in 2009! “ JB Piana, Paris/Kinshasa 


Would you like taking the chance to join African Music Trade Fair right on from the beginning? Make your reservation by phone or email. Or book directly with our registration form after having chosen your positioning in the stand plan (unless otherwise reserved). Find out the possibilities available for your active participation. Would you like to make an appointment for more details about partnerships, stand space and business possibilities in 2010? Please use our contact form:



Alternatively, you can find info about partnerships, stand space and business possibilities for 2010 by using the forms below.


Vision & Mission

Presentation African Sounds

Infostand 2009

Stand plan 2010

Registration form 2010


Press & Media

Press article


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Since 2007 we have been organising the strategically important Onlinemarketing Plaza theme park at the important annual advertising and marketing fair,
Marketingservices  ( in Frankfurt.

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Congress Center Hamburg: Europa Africa Business Summit

The accompanying EABS Exhibition

The emergence of many small and medium-size enterprises on the whole African continent is crucial and will play a vital role in the economic regeneration and thereorganisation of the African national economies as supplement and alternative to the strategy which has been always followed by development aid. Here fore during the Europe Africa Business Summit 2008 in Hamburg, there will be an accompanying specialized exhibition taking place directly near the conference rooms. The goal of the exhibition is to increase the European business community's interest in Africa and vice-visa and to expose to the public the many commercial opportunities that do exist between Africa and Europe and intends to promote the private-economical development of the middle class businessmen and women owning small and medium-size enterprises on both continents and expose to the public the many commercial opportunities that do exist between Africa and Europe. 


Who should attend?

 The EABS Exhibition and Trade Fair 2008 will be a unique platformfor Sponsors, Investment Promotion Boards or Agencies, Local, Regionaland Multinational businesses, International and Regional Institutions,Free Zone Representatives, Financial Institutions and Consultants toshowcase and promote their products and services, network with theright target groups and audience. With the presence of many companiesand organizations from Africa and Europe, all Africa-relevant kinds ofproducts, services and information from both sides that fall in linewith the Summits intention is expected to be shown during the entireEvent.


Information for Exhibitors:

Please use the following links to find out about possibilities concerning participation in the fair. Prices, for example, are to be found on the Registration Forms (and Stand Construction); on the Hall Layout Plans the exhibition is classified according to the different sectors – this is intended to make it easier for you to book your stand in the right surroundings as well as appropriate dimensions. We have quite consciously kept the size of the stands not too large on the plan in order to ensure enough space for a sufficient number of exhibitors from as many sectors as possible. It is quite possible to alter the dimensions of all the stands (by moving the walls). This means that the hall plans will be updated at regular intervals throughout the booking process. Whilst looking for an optimum location for your exhibition participation, please also remember to refer to the nomenclature which is also reflected in the hall plan...


One-day exhibition visitor ticket: 25 €


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