IFA - Reseller Park + Center of SmartBuilding - September 4 - 9, 2020

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    After Reseller Park had to move from Hall 25 to Hall 11.1 at IFA 2018 at short notice, we now have many opportunities throughout the year to advertise the new home in Hall 11.1, which also houses half of our highly expanded Center of SmartBuilding exhibitor area - including advertisements by the co-exhibitors who have already booked a booth.

    As official contractual partner of Messe Berlin GmbH we have been organising for more than 20 years with support of the national and international trade associations and leading ICT/CE Reseller magazines (print + online) the exclusive trade area Reseller Park at one of the world's leading consumer electronic shows - the 'IFA Berlin'.
    We do all the organization and take the fair risk as we handle the things from A-Z (fair construction, catering, promotion, etc.). 

    In addition, at the IFA 2019, we will install a top-class B2B2C structure in Hall 11.1 through an appropriate selection of exhibitor structures focusing on the mobile, IoT, SmartHome, Home Appliances and Retail Partner Services sectors and underline through various marketing measures the strong European specialized trade character of this hall - for example on Sunday evening, when many decision-makers arrived for the important IFA Monday, we organize a top-notch reseller park B2B party - including invitations from business customers of all our 70 co-exhibitors in hall 11.1


    1. We were able to expand Reseller Park from 1,800 sqm (gross) to 2,709 sqm and now covers an entire Hall 11.1.

    2. The space available to us for IFA’s growth segment - SmartHome - was significantly increased, especially for our Center of SmartBuilding. 

    3. We gained the advantage of immediate proximity to the iZone area where brands such as Microsoft, Sharp, LG, Hama, AMD and others ensure a high frequency of qualified visitors.

    After all, from the start it has been one of the main strategies of Jan Nintemann's B2B exhibition projects (and their most important success factor) to organize business-effective and low-effort marketplaces for the co-exhibitors in which additional impulses are generated, as the historically grown personal networking regularly reaches a maximum attracted by decision-makers from the CE industry.

    So it is no surprise that the majority of the stands in Hall 11.1 are reserved again for exhibitors interested in the IFA 2019 and were partially booked again (mostly rebooking).  From 2019 on we will also offer a permanent (daily) workshop in the form of mainly 20-minute manufacturer presentations organized by the SmartHome Initiative Deutschland e.V.. The company and product presentation is free of charge exclusively for the exhibitors in Hall 11.1 (please see for orientation our workshop video from the last CEBIT):

    Short video workshops SmartHome CEBIT 2018



    For many years, the Reseller Park has been an integral part of the trade show platform at IFA in Berlin - the largest trade show for consumer electronics brands in the world and a must-attend event for Europe’s most important retailers and distributors. For more than 20 years, Jan Nintemann and his Global Fairs TT-Messe agency have served more than 1000 co-exhibitors at IFA (even more when you include our other international trade fairs projects like CEBIT and CE China). The immense experience we gained in all these B2B projects (as well as our established network of contacts in the European channel and industry media) benefit all our co-exhibitors.

    The exhibitor structure of the Reseller Park continues to reflect the change from the traditional consumer electronics and home appliances markets towards an interconnected digital environment of consumers. The majority of our exhibitors are currently manufacturers and distributors for mobile and CE devices - including accessories, IoT, smart home and smart automation devices (even smart robots) - and, of course, products within the general category of consumer electronics.


    For one example, this includes Bluetooth speakers (mobile, portable or home) as well as other smartphone-controlled or voice-activated gadgets and consumer accessories. And exhibitors in the digital signage and home entertainment area are now more often represented (with video projectors, home networking and even prosumer audio/video solutions from around the world). Even home appliances, as these products grow smarter and become connected via IoT, are worthy of mention, too.

    Center of SmartBuilding

    Smart Home is currently the strongest growing exhibitor area at IFA. For this reason, for IFA 2019 Global Fairs has prepared two separate exhibitor blocks for the Center of SmartBuilding-- integrated into Reseller Park Hall 11.1. more information in the link below:

    Cooperation Global Fairs – SmartHome Initiative Germany e.V.



    • Top location. We bring you the opportunity to have a better location than you could get on your own. RESELLER PARK enjoys all of Hall 11.1 (close proximity to iZone and many large brands).

    • High-profile trade visitor attraction. You’ll see more retail/buyers/European distributors than you would on your own. We’ve been recognized for years by the CE and HA industries in Europe as the most successful and largest B2B2C platforms inside IFA.

    • Aggressive promotion of your participation. We will promote you far more than you could do on your own budget - and your logo or brand(s) are with us every step of the way.

      • We buy advertising in the official Show Daily at IFA, handed out to buyers at all the entrances to the exhibition halls - and also distributed to the 150 most important hotels in Berlin.

      • We advertise in in the IFA Heute and in the IFA International trade fair magazine.

      • We insert our SuperReseller leaflet in all the major German trade media; it’s the most widely-circulated channel campaign for IFA with circulation of more than 300,000 in print and online. Distributed approximately 3 weeks before and during IFA via our 7 media partners in 16 campaigns in print and online to the German and European CE and HA channel.

      • We also include your company or your brand(s) in our GUIDE-TO booklet distributed on site. You get logo presentation and company description.

      • We work with professional email houses to email multiple messages to more than 100,000 potential buyers in Germany and the rest of Europe.

      • We even attract editorial coverage from well-known industry editors.

    • Less cost, less headaches. On your own, there is so much ”below-the-surface” cost associated with trade show participation. We offer you in our participation fees a higher quality stand construction, banners featuring your logo, electricity/lighting, stand furniture, carpet, etc. Even the cost of wifi access, nightly stand cleaning and extra stand security are costs fully absorbed in your participation fees. But there’s something even more important to consider…

    • The cost for filling in administration forms, the cost to organize your physical stand, the cost to meet and discuss the many logistical decisions - it all takes time and money away from what you do best. Selling your products and services. This time-wasting costs you business as well as money. In this sense, you are outsourcing your IFA headaches to us. You’re saving the precious time of you and your staff - while getting the best professional help from an IFA-experienced staff that can eliminate the risk of mistakes. 

    • More services. The biggest exhibitors invest in their own hospitality areas because hospitality is such an important part of European business. They don’t want their sales staff to lose time trying to find a place at a busy trade show for coffee or lunch to do business with a customer. They keep the customer on site.Our projects provide you with a way to offer your customers the same level of service your bigger competitors might provide. There is full catering for exhibitors and guests throughout the entire trade fair-  including use of our business lounges with buffet and hostess service at no extra cost.

      • Our value-added services don’t stop with hospitality: you have Global Fairs staff there to help on anything that comes up: a missing shipment, the need for an extra chair, how to find an ATM, who can translate, our lights are too bright...and all the ad hoc problems that make the difference between a frustrating trade show experience and a rewarding one.

    All these benefits ADD UP to one simple message: By working with us, you increase your business opportunity at IFA and avoid the usual risk of a disappointing trade show participation.

    SuperReseller IFA 2019 English
    SuperReseller IFA 2019 German

    Our booklet is an extended exhibitor-index with Logo presentation and company description, which will be distributed approximately 3,000 times during IFA (B2B).
    You can read about our campaigns for next-to-last year’s IFA below. We will undertake similar marketing activity for IFA 2019: Marketing & Promotion, editorial PR work IFA 2017

    Registration procedure and information for IFA

    We are looking forward to our next IFA - and we have already been working on for some time.

    ATTENTION international exhibitors: Please find here the conditions for exhibiting in the IFA brand halls (here: hall 11.1, SmartHome marketplace or Reseller Park).

    If you have any questions concerning aspects such as stand position, costs, design or deadlines, please let us know. We are always happy to help - just give us a call....
    In any case, at least please let us know of your potential interest in participating so we can register our total correct stand size with Messe Berlin. Otherwise when you want a space it may not be available.

    Many thanks!

    Your Global Fairs Team:

    Serge Love                  +49 157 8825 6749;    serge@tt-messe.eu
    Jan Nintemann             +49 541 971 26-10;    nintemann@tt-messe.eu



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